At Faith Presbyterian Church, we believe that music is an essential element in our faith, fellowship, and community. We are pleased to continue our Concert Series and look forward to excellent sacred and classical music.  All concerts are FREE. Get directions.
WHERE:  720 Marsh Road, Wilmington

Here is an overview of the musicians we've had the honor of hosting in this series since it's inception in 2013:

Alessandra Rose Johnson, Piano

Patrick Kreeger, Organ

Ruth Naomi Floyd, Voice

Westminster Brass, Brass Quintet

Qvinctus, Vocal Quintet

Gary Seydell, Voice

Will Stern, Violin

Lisa Dunham, Horn

Barbara Prugh, Trumpet

John Bullard, Classical Banjo

Richard Jones, Cello

Tim Vattima, Jazz Trio

Christopher Kraus, Piano/Organ

David Kim, Violin

Graeme Burgan, Collaborative Piano

Leonardo Le San, Piano

The Highlands Duo, Violin/Harpsichord

Cairn University Chorale

Erica Harr, Voice

Natalie Grace, Violin

The Faith Concert Series is a ministry of Faith Presbyterian Church, which seeks to:

  1. Give Glory to God through musical excellence. Music is given to praise God for his faithfulness in redeeming his people (Psalm 71:22-23).  Our artists combine God-given talents with years of study, practice, and refinement to proclaim Christ's excellence through heavenly art.
  2. Reach our community with diverse, professional-caliber concerts, offered always with free-admission. The Faith Concert Series hosts Carnegie-Hall quality musicians and is committed to making the gift of music available to our community at no charge.
  3. Educate and Edify our audiences. The musical selections of the Faith Concert Series run the gamut of the instrument on display, covering differing musical genres & periods, and always including sacred selections with a gospel emphasis. Artists' talking points provide historical context, explain musical technique, or offer personal testimony alongside the music. 

UPCOMING EVENTS (2019-20 season)

October 6th  
Christopher Kraus, "On Hymnody"

4PM - FREE [Read More...]

Exploring the rich archives of hymns throughout church history.

As an organist/pianist/accompanist/choral director, Christopher has made his mark in the Delaware Valley performing with such organizations as Tenth Presbyterian Church in Center City, Philadelphia, and with Bootless Artworks, CoroAllegro, AstraZeneca Corporate Choir, Capitol Brass, and Brandywine Valley Baptist Church in Delaware. Christopher is currently the organist/accompanist at Faith Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, also coordinating Faith’s Concert Series where he can often be found accompanying/collaborating with professional musicians from all over the eastern United States.


Christmas ConcertDecember 8th
CHRISTMAS CONCERT - O Great Mystery: The Word Became Flesh!

6PM - FREE [Read More...]

Choir and chamber orchestra.  A North Wilmington Tradition. 

Join us for the gateway into Christmas as we gather together for a free concert and to sing Christmas carols together. 

February 9th  
David Kim, Violin

4PM - FREE [Read More...]

Masterful musicality from Philadelphia Orchestra's Concertmaster.

Highlights of Mr. Kim’s 2019-20 season include appearing as soloist with The Philadelphia Orchestra; teaching/performance residencies and masterclasses at The University of Texas at Austin, Manhattan School of Music, Bob Jones University, the Taipei (Taiwan) Academy and Festival, The Aspen Music Festival, and continued appearances as concertmaster of the All-Star Orchestra on PBS stations across the USA and online at the Kahn Academy; as well as recitals, speaking engagements, and appearances with orchestras across the United States.

April 9th
Maundy Thursday

7PM - FREE [Read More...]

A night of special music, Scripture readings, and communion.

Join us for this service of remembrance on the night before Jesus’ death as we remember His sacrifice and look forward to the celebration of Easter morning.  

May 3rd
Cairn University Chorale - CANCELED

4PM - FREE [Read More...]

* This concert is CANCELED due to the pandemic. *

A unique cross-section of talent from Cairn University.

The Cairn Chorale is the university’s premiere touring ensemble, representing the school domestically and internationally.  This ensemble hosts the finest musicians attending Cairn and is comprised of both music majors and students pursuing a variety of degrees within the university’s extensive catalog.  These singers present a varied and predominantly acappella program which is comprised of the riches of both the historical and modern repertoire. For more information about the Cairn Chorale, please visit



Questions?  Suggestions? 
Contact Christopher Kraus.