Sunday School

Join Us every Sunday morning at 10:15am, nestled neatly between our two worship services, as we get intentional about learning the Bible.  At Faith Church, we believe that Sunday School is one of the 3 essential pieces to connecting and growing your faith, along with Sunday morning worship and Community Groups

On SEPTEMBER 11 we will meet in the GYM for Sunday School promotion

Fall 2022 - Adult Sunday School classes
(September 18 - November 27)

The Book of Ruth
The Book of Ruth is a fascinating bridge connecting the Patriarchs to Pentecost. Ruth, as a true story, makes sense of many of the laws and customs we rush past in our yearly readings of the Old Testament while looking ahead to the impending monarchy and its fulfillment in Christ. This Fall, we will work through the Book of Ruth paying special attention to these moments as we see the grace of God at work in individuals and in His chosen people.
Teacher: Candice Kraus
Location: Adult Learning II

Ezra & Nehemiah
The books of Ezra and Nehemiah take place in the post-exilic era when a remnant of Jews returned to the Holy Land to rebuild the temple.  The rebuilding of the temple is the subject of Ezra.  Nehemiah takes place later and tells the story of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem that had been broken down.  In Ezra, we will see how the godly prophet Haggai encouraged the people when the rebuilding project was stalled.  In Nehemiah, we will look at the various traits that made Nehemiah such an effective and godly leader.  We will see him deal with discouragement and opposition, both internal and external. In the examination of Nehemiah’s leadership style, we can see a model for Christian leadership today.
Teacher: Frank Barlow
Location: Bob Gray Chapel