Sunday School

Join Us every Sunday morning at 9:45am, nestled neatly between our two worship services, as we get intentional about learning the Bible.  At Faith Church, we believe that Sunday School is one of the 3 essential pieces to connecting and growing your faith, along with Sunday morning worship and Community Groups.  

Spring 2017 Adult Sunday School classes (Mar 19 - Jun 4):

The Sermon on the Mount
"Jesus went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to Him and He began to teach them saying..." (Matthew 5:1) What follows is the most profound sermon ever preached.  Not to be mistaken as a moralistic "try to do better" teaching, Jesus' sermon is grounded in the grace of God and a blue print for a rich gospel centered life. Both new and mature Christians as well as non-believers would benefit from a study of this sermon.  Topics range from the true meaning of the law, prayer, money and judging others.
Teacher: Greg Baughman
Location: Adult Learning 2

The Reason for God
Our emphasis in this portion of our study in the Book of Genesis is the grace of God displayed in life of the great Hebrew Patriarch Jacob. There are many practical and relevant lessons for us in our daily Christian walk as we encounter the stirring events in the life of the Father of the Nation of Israel.  Prepare to be challenged, convicted and comforted as we delve into this foundational material in the Bible.
Teachers: Various facilitators
Location: Bob Gray Chapel