Sunday School

Join Us every Sunday morning at 10:15am, nestled neatly between our two worship services, as we get intentional about learning the Bible.  At Faith Church, we believe that Sunday School is one of the 3 essential pieces to connecting and growing your faith, along with Sunday morning worship and Community Groups

Winter 2022/23 - Adult Sunday School classes
(December 4 - February 26)

Essential Truths of the Christian Faith
To many, the study of theology can be a muddle, a collection of often dry and irrelevant terms, having little to do with our daily lives. Our goal is to present the dynamic and powerful doctrines of Scripture with clarity, emphasizing the relevancy of its teaching in our daily walk. Join us in discovering the importance of terms like sanctification, redemption, justification, and atonement as we delve into these valuable truths together.
Teachers: Nate Bird, Ethan Dunham, Jay Hettler, & Harold Naylor
Location: Bob Gray Chapel

2 Samuel
The Book of 2 Samuel chronicles the kingship of David. It’s filled with dynamic stories of great triumphs, but it also serves as a very practical warning to us—King David  has great falls as a result of sin, and those sins have scarring consequences. Yet where there is brokenness and true repentance, God provides restoration! In this book, God demonstrates his wonderous love and mercy, pledging to David an eternal covenant, promising the Messiah from his line.
Teacher: Bill Troppman
Location: Adult Learning II

Faith Connected
Whether you’re considering membership or interested in review, this informational membership class discusses our ministry strategies, our foundational theological beliefs, and our Presbyterian identity.  We highlight the value of church membership, but there is no obligation to join. 
Teacher: Pastor Kevin Koslowsky
Location: Adult Learning I