At Faith Presbyterian Church, we recognize the importance of men in society.  Men have a purposeful role in the marketplace, in the community, as friends, as husbands, and as fathers.  Authentic manhood is unclear today, but is so incredibly important that it warrants a specific focus.  We strive to encourage men to be the loving and serving leaders we are called to be: in our homes, in our communities, and in our churches. 

In addition, two groups of men gather weekly to read the Bible, talk about life and pray together.  

On Tuesday mornings at 6:30am, men gather together at the church in the church office conference room. On the first Tuesday of each month, we meet for breakfast at Brandywine Diner (on Concord Pike). Contact Harold Naylor for more information. 

On Saturday mornings, men gather at 7:30am in the church office conference room. Contact Frank Barlow for more information.