Proclaiming eternal life, radical transformation, and
unspeakable joy through Jesus Christ.

720 Marsh Road
Wilmington, DE 19803     
(302) 764-8615

Faith Presbyterian Church is located at the intersection of Marsh Rd. and I-95. 


Our Latest Message
8:30am Contemporary Worship w/ childcare and jr. church for children
9:45am Sunday School for Adults and Children
10:45am Traditional Worship w/ childcare and jr. church for children

We typically observe the Lord’s Supper (communion) on the first Sunday of each month.



When in Doubt

  • Sept 15, Exclusivity: Isn’t religion unimportant? There can’t just be one true religion, right?
  • Sept 22, Suffering: How could a good God allow suffering?
  • Sept 29, Literalism: Nobody takes the Bible seriously anymore, right?
  • Oct 6, Injustice: Isn’t the church responsible for so much injustice?  How do I help find justice that brings true freedom?
  • Oct 13, Hell: How can a loving God send people to hell?
  • Oct 20, Doubt: What if I’m just not sure about any of this?
  • Oct 27, Absolutism: What kind of identity creates a meaningful world?  Doesn’t my significance come from within?
  • Nov 3, Morality and Freedom: Can’t I be good without God?  Why can’t I just do whatever I want as long as I don’t harm anyone?
  • Nov 10, Discontent and Satisfaction: What could possibly make me happy?
  • Nov 17, Hope: How can I find freedom from fear and anxiety?
  • Nov 24, Answers: Who can believe?


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- 6pm Youth Group, on most Sundays
- Faith Concert Series, on select weekends (varied times)
- Community Groups, on select nights (varied locations days, and times)

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