At Faith Church, we live life together...why community?

The Christian life was never intended to be an individual journey. We were created to enjoy God with others and Christianity is a community activity. The book of Acts describes early believers who met together not only for public worship and instruction, but in small groups in people's homes where they would eat together and meet one another's needs (see Acts 2:42-47). Community Groups are our attempt to build that essential feature of the universal church’s identity into the structure of our local ministry.

We have community groups that can meet your needs.  Some near the church, some out in the community, some during the day, some during the week, some on the weekend.  Take a look at our community group listing and find one where you can connect with others, begin to form relationships, and live out your Christian faith (even a brand new faith) with others that are also resting on God for strength and direction in this life. 

Find a Community Group