Church Membership

The Bible clearly explains the concept of church, that members are to come together for worship, and that each of us are to be part of a larger body of believers.  It is Biblical to belong to a church, making a visible vow to a local church where we can grow, learn, and be held accountable.  However, you don't need to be a member to come to our services - we welcome anyone and everyone through our doors.  See the basics of what we believe.

If you are interested in membership, we’d like to invite you to attend one of our free Faith Connected courses. Contact Us.

Faith Connected: Sundays at 10:15 am, scheduled annually

This course will highlight the value of church membership and is a prerequisite for membership; but even if you are not yet considering membership this would be an opportunity to learn more about our church.  You are under no obligation to join Faith Church. Check our calendar or contact a pastor.
Discover our ministries, our commitment to evangelism and missions, our teaching strategies, and the significance of service in the church.  There will be time for questions and discussion as we explain our Presbyterian history and distinctive beliefs. 
There is intentional overlap between Faith Connected and our Gospel-outreach course Faith Explored and our discipleship course Faith Journey.  Each is rooted in the Gospel and includes the encouragement to follow Christ; but, Faith Connected focuses on the specifics of our local church and ministries and allows us to go deeper into our theological commitments.  We will discuss our ministries, foundational theological topics, Scripture, the Trinity, God’s sovereignty, grace, covenant theology, Presbyterian history, church leadership, worship, baptism, Lord’s Supper, evangelism, serving, and giving.  We will be challenged to find our identity in Christ and join him in his mission.

Attending this class does not obligate you to seek church membership, but is a prerequisite for membership.

The Faith Connected course is generally held once or twice each year during the Sunday School hour (10:15am).  If you have questions or are interested in attending the next class, please contact Pastor Koslowsky.