Community Groups are small groups of people who meet regularly to encourage a transforming relationship with Jesus, a nurturing relationship with one another and a welcoming connection for visitors looking to meet others.  While the specific study topics for each group vary, the consistent goal is to practically apply the Gospel to our individual lives by developing deep relationships with others.  Community Groups are a core component of the ministry program at Faith Church for people at every stage of spiritual growth and everyone is strongly encouraged to choose a group to attend.

How do you connect?  Well, just show up!  Seriously, each group is used to it.  You can also contact one of the group leaders, fill out the form at the link at the bottom of this page, or contact the church office.  We want to help you connect with a community group. 

Mondays at 11am, twice a month
September - June
Meets at the church, 720 Marsh Road
Leader: Chuck Hartzell

Fridays at 7pm, twice a month
September - June
7 Dansfield Dr, Wilmington
Leaders: Nate & Anna Bird, Joe & Deanna Manbeck (children's activities included)

Sundays at 6:15pm, twice a month
September - June
7 Susan Ct, Wilmington
Leaders: Ethan Dunham & Jason Hancock (children's activities included)

Tuesdays at 7pm, weekly
Year round
Leaders: Meg Hanna & Sarah Martin


Sundays at 5:30pm, twice a month
September - June
Meets at the church, 720 Marsh Road
Leaders: Harold Naylor & Frank Barlow

Sundays at 6pm, twice a month
September - June
214 Rowland Park Blvd, Wilmington (next to the church)
Leaders: Jay Hettler & Kevin Koslowsky (children's activities included)



Thursdays at 7pm, twice a month
September - June
2412 Lanside Dr, Wilmington
Leader: Jim Prorock

See the detailed calendar on when and where each group meets.
Help me find a group that is right for me