At Faith Presbyterian Church, we believe that music is an essential element in our faith, fellowship, and community. We are pleased to continue our Concert Series and look forward to excellent sacred and classical music.  All concerts are FREE. Get directions.
WHERE:  720 Marsh Road, Wilmington

Here is an overview of the musicians we've had the honor of hosting in this series since it's inception in 2013:

Alessandra Rose Johnson, Piano

Patrick Kreeger, Organ

Ruth Naomi Floyd, Voice

Issac King, Viola

Westminster Brass, Brass Quintet

Qvinctus, Vocal Quintet

Ben Harding, Pianist

Gary Seydell, Voice

Will Stern, Violin

Cheryl Elliot, Violin

Lisa Dunham, Horn

Barbara Prugh, Trumpet

Rob Kennan, Organ

John Bullard, Classical Banjo
Genevieve Hahn, Soprano

Brinson Moore, Violin

Richard Jones, Cello

Tim Vattima, Jazz Trio

Christopher Kraus, Piano/Organ

David Kim, Violin

Graeme Burgan, Collaborative Piano

Ira & Higo Rodrigues, Voice/Piano

Leonardo Le San, Piano

The Highlands Duo, Violin/Harpsichord

Cairn University Chorale

Erica Harr, Voice

Natalie Grace, Violin

Robert Joubert, Bass

Rudy Lucente, Organist

Tom Elliot, Trombone

The Faith Concert Series is a ministry of Faith Presbyterian Church, which seeks to:

  1. Give Glory to God through musical excellence. Music is given to praise God for his faithfulness in redeeming his people (Psalm 71:22-23).  Our artists combine God-given talents with years of study, practice, and refinement to proclaim Christ's excellence through heavenly art.
  2. Reach our community with diverse, professional-caliber concerts, offered always with free-admission. The Faith Concert Series hosts Carnegie-Hall quality musicians and is committed to making the gift of music available to our community at no charge.
  3. Educate and Edify our audiences. The musical selections of the Faith Concert Series run the gamut of the instrument on display, covering differing musical genres & periods, and always including sacred selections with a gospel emphasis. Artists' talking points provide historical context, explain musical technique, or offer personal testimony alongside the music. 


Violin & Viola, Cairn UniversityOctober 23rd  
Violin & Viola, Cairn University


Violin & Viola
Rising stars, Isaac King and Brinson Moore of Cairn University bring a tapestry of strings to our sanctuary, performing solo, duo, and accompanied selections. Isaac and Brinson are students of Philadelphia Orchestra Musician, Rachel Ku.



Christmas ConcertDecember 4th


Choir and chamber orchestra.  A North Wilmington Tradition. 

Join us for the gateway into Christmas as we gather together for a free concert and to sing Christmas carols together.  This concert will also be live-streamed at

Concert Bulletin



February 26th 
The Gospel According to Bach, Chamber Ensemble


Bach Chamber Ensemble     

The combination of sublime music and biblical text of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion was the inspiration to adapt this sacred oratorio to a shorter, more audience-friendly work for trombone, strings,keyboard and narrator. In his original creation, Bach interprets God’s inerrant Word through his gift of music. It is Bach’s good news in response to God’s good news. In The Gospel According to Bach the composer’s intent, to glorify God through his music, is not altered; only the instrumentation has been changed. The original poetry, portions of scripture chorales, arias and recitatives remain the same. 

April 6th
Maundy Thursday


A night of special music, Scripture readings, and communion.

Join us for this service of remembrance on the night before Jesus’ death as we remember His sacrifice and look forward to the celebration of Easter morning.  



April 30th
25th Anniversary Organ (Re) Dedication


Celebrating 25 Years with the King of Instruments
Faith's organ anniversary gives us the nostalgic chance to re-live portions of the Diane Bish inaugural concert, featuring several selections from the original performance. Our recently re-voiced instrument has matured with age and the experience of several top-notch organists who will fill the room with sound and color. Featuring organists, Patrick Kreeger, Hanna Yoon, & Christopher Kraus.
Also available on Livestream. Concert Bulletin.


Questions?  Suggestions? 
Contact Christopher Kraus.