This fall of 2020 we are equipping and encouraging parents to open God's Word in their homes with their children. Faith@Home is a very simple reading plan for family devotions that also serve as a supplement to Zoom Sunday School. Watch this short video for an explanation of Faith@Home.

Week One: The Beginning of Life

September 14th through 18th

Week 2: God Builds a Nation

September 21st through 25th

Week 3: God Provides for His People

September 28th through October 2nd

Week 4: Out of Egypt

October 5th through 9th

Week 5: The Ten Commandments

October 12th through 16th

Week 6: God Leads His People

October 19th through 23rd

Week 8: God Helps Samson

November 2nd through 6th

Week 9: A Very Kind Woman

November 9th through 13th

Week 10: Messages From God

November 16th through 20th

Week 11: From Shepherd to King

November 23rd through 27th

Week 12: God Forgives a Sinful King

November 30th through December 4th

Week 13: Wise King Solomon

December 7th through 11th