Welcome Back!

We are excited to reopen our Sunday morning childcare at Faith Presbyterian Church starting on March 7th! Whether you are a regular attender or planning to visit us for the first time, we welcome you and encourage you to read the information below to prepare to join us on Sunday mornings!

Questions or Concerns?

We would love to answer any questions you may have as you prepare and consider bringing your children to church. Please feel free to reach out to Rob Corwin at

Who is it for (9:00 Contemporary Service only)

  • Nursery: ages 0-3
  • Junior Church: grades Pre-K to 2nd Grade
  • Children in 3rd-6th grade are encouraged to sit in the service with their parents. 

How to prepare

Personal Health Assessment

Before arriving for church, please ensure you can answer NO to the following questions: 

  • Has an immediate family member had a high temperature, consistent cough, trouble breathing, or loss of taste or smell?
  • Has an immediate family member come in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19?

If you have answered YES to either of the following questions, please choose to stay home and visit at another time! 


Children ages 4 and up are required to wear a mask. Children ages 2-3 are not required to wear masks but are permitted to do so. 

What to do when you arrive (beginning on March 7th)

Arrive Early

We encourage you to arrive between 8:50-9:00 am to have plenty of time to get your children checked in before the service starts. 


Please sanitize hands either by using hand sanitizer or by proper washing. Hand sanitizing stations will be available. 

Check-In (Nursery & Jr. Church)

  • Before the worship service starts, proceed to the Preschool Foyer where you will see a check-in table. This is where you will check in your children for the nursery and Junior Church
  • A volunteer will welcome you and ask a few verbal health screening questions. 
  • They will then check in your children and print labels for you and your children. You will keep one of the labels to show when you pick up your children. 
  • Parents of nursery age children (0-3) will then be allowed to drop off their child at the nursery door (room 111). Parents are not permitted in the nursery.  
  • Please maintain social distancing as you wait your turn to check in.

Junior Church

Once Junior Church children (Pre-K through 2nd grade) are checked in at the Preschool Foyer, they will sit with their family for the first part of worship in the sanctuary and then are dismissed during the song before the sermon. Please accompany children to the Preschool Foyer where the teacher will meet the class and walk them back to their classroom (if you have not yet checked in your children, you can do it at this time.). Pick up will happen at the classroom door (room 109) at the end of the preschool hallway, and only two families are permitted in the preschool wing at a time. An adult volunteer will be stationed at the entrance to the preschool wing during drop off and pick up to monitor the safe flow of traffic in and out.

Childcare precautions

  • Screening: All volunteers are screened before arrival and are required to wear a mask. 
  • Sanitizing: Volunteers will be regularly washing their hands and sanitizing surfaces and toys. 
  • Shared Items: At this time, no items will be shared between the children. In the nursery, each child will get their own bin of toys to use, and in Junior Church, each child will have their own designated box of supplies.
  • Food/Snacks: No snacks are permitted or distributed at this time. If you have a child in the nursery who may need a bottle, please label and prepare the bottle ahead of time.  
  • Room Arrangements: The back room in the nursery will be designated for ages 2-3 while the front room will be for children under 2. Each Junior Church child will have their own designated seat at the table that is at least 6 feet apart from other children.
  • Pick-Up Procedures: Only one family is allowed at the nursery door and Junior Church classroom door at a time for pick-up. We encourage parents to be prompt during pick up and to maintain a social distance from other parents.

Thank You!

Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation with these guidelines. We look forward to seeing you and your children!